About ESAFF Uganda

Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) Uganda exists to create a platform to bring together small-scale farmers into a farmer-led advocacy movement to influence policies and practices at the local and national level and contribute through ESAFF to policies and practices at regional, continental and global levels. ESAFF Uganda is a small-scale farmer-led advocacy movement formed to facilitate processes through which small scale farmers’ development concerns can be solicited, articulated and ultimately addressed through policies and programs. ESAFF Uganda focuses on advancing economic empowerment, agroecology and food sovereignty.

About the Platform

ESAFF Uganda is implementing Pillar 2 (Information, Communication and Extension) of the Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative in Uganda. ESAFF Uganda is responsible for repackaging and disseminating information and knowledge to target groups such as women, youth and other marginalized groups using the most appropriate pathways such as radio, websites as well as social media.

This platform provides information and knowledge about the Ecological Organic Agriculture approaches and good practices to value chain actors. It disseminates research and information from other Pillar Implementing Partners such as Uganda Martyrs’ University, Kulika Uganda as well as PELUM Uganda. It acts as a knowledge hub for Ecological Organic Agriculture on which all partners can share Ecological Organic Agriculture related work. This platform aims at motivating their uptake and adoption of EOA technologies and practices.

Currently our work on promoting Organic Agriculture in Uganda is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and supported by Biovision Africa Trust.

This platform is hosted by ESAFF Uganda